New Audi TT Coupe and the Performance Features

The Audi TT Coupe is one of the more popular sports coupes on the road today for good reason, the abundance of performance features. These are a few for your consideration concerning the new Audi TT Coupe.

One thing you will never be behind the wheel of the new Audi TT Coupe is bored. 

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Carpooling Time Is Here

Summer is nearly over, and school is beginning soon. That means it is time to decide just how the kids are going to get to school. For many parents, that means carpooling. To ensure that the kids arrive safely and in a timely fashion, organization is imperative.

First of all, get the interested parents together for the planning phase. Decide on the route, the rules and the schedule that everyone will need to follow. 

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Audi A5 Sportback Comes with the Latest Technology

The latest technology is important for any vehicle. The Audi A5 Sportback is a popular luxury car that comes equipped with cutting-edge technology that will not only keep you connected but will also provide you with information on how your vehicle is operating. Equipped with a suite of advanced driver technologies, the A5 is among the safest vehicles on the roads in Calabasas.

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Seeing Through Common Motor Oil Myths

If you have ever been led astray by a silly myth, you know how frustrating being fed misinformation can be. This fact is especially true with myths involving your vehicle, as the falsehood can end up costing you in the long run. To help you avoid some myths pertaining to motor oil, we have busted a couple of commonly cited rumors below.

First, you do not need to change your oil after five thousand miles. There is no universal rule for changing your oil. 

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How Many Types of Headlights Are There?

The principal job of a headlight on a car is to illuminate the area to which you are driving. Headlights have two options, dim and bright. When using the bright option, the headlights extend their range and make visible threats hidden alongside or further down the road. The bright option will blind oncoming drivers, so you are required to dim your lights when cars approach. 

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The Audi A4: Technology with Style

Superior performance, luxurious interior, and reliability are just a few things that make the Audi A4 such a popular compact luxury car. Equipped with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, the Audi A4 features the latest in safety and media elements. Interactive display systems bring a wealth of knowledge to the driver's fingertips.

The MMI Touch and MMI Display work together to give drives total control of the car's capabilities. 

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Audi A3 Sedan Safety Features

The Audi A3 sedan is a popular luxury sedan that looks as good as it drives. PreSense basic is a safety feature built into the A3. It is advanced technology that can intervene if an emergency occurs. If an emergency occurs, the vehicle can begin closing windows and the sunroof. Pre Sense technology can also tighten seat belts warn of forward collision warnings and is equipped with a radar-based system.

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