Why You Need to Consider the ‘Total Cost’ to Own a Car

Why is your car cost not only the price you pay at the dealer but rather it's about the cars maintenance, insurance, regular fees, fuel cost and the depreciation factor?


The type of a car you drive will have an impact or your premium quote. Insurers will take into account the car model's claim record. As a result, if a lot of young drivers who cause accidents drive the same model as you, you will incur higher rates of premium. Don’t get the car you are approved, get the car you can afford.


The cost of car maintenance highly affects the cost of owning a car; the cost estimates are based on the costs to perform needed repairs and price of spares. For the case of a car that has a low maintenance cost then its ownership cost is much low, unlike the car models that have high maintenance cost which in turn make their ownership much expensive. We at the (dealer) offer cars with low maintenance cost, and you're sure to find the car of your dream here.

Gas consumption

The cost of car ownership is greatly dependent on the amount of fuel consumption since for one to drive any model fuel is required, and different models consume different amounts of fuel therefore different costs of car ownership. Find your next used car with little fuel consumption capacity in (city).


Notably, new cars tend to lose their value at a higher rate compared to older cars. According to statistics, new cars lose up to 19% of their value during the first year. This rate, however, decreases remarkably with time. Other factors that affect car depreciation are the recent increase in gas prices and the car model. Cars have different features according to their model; this explains the different rates of depreciation of car models.

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