Seeing Through Common Motor Oil Myths

If you have ever been led astray by a silly myth, you know how frustrating being fed misinformation can be. This fact is especially true with myths involving your vehicle, as the falsehood can end up costing you in the long run. To help you avoid some myths pertaining to motor oil, we have busted a couple of commonly cited rumors below.

First, you do not need to change your oil after five thousand miles. There is no universal rule for changing your oil. The variable is entirely contingent on your vehicle's manufacturer. To know when you should get an oil change, consult your owner's manual or the on-dashboard information guide.

You do, however, need to change your oil filter every time you get a change. Without a filter change, you can potentially undo all the positive effects of your oil change. Without a filter, harmful substances can easily reenter your engine's circulation.

For any more questions, you may have, consult our service center here at Audi Calabasas.

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