Worn Springs Can Cause Damage to the Rest Of the Suspension

A conventional suspension system like that found on most vehicles uses large steel springs to carry the weight of the car and absorb the energy caused by it jostling up and down while driving. As these start to wear out the car can have a rougher ride and be more difficult. However, there are some other signs that we can check here at Audi Calabasas in Calabasas, CA to make sure your springs are still springy enough.

As springs wear down they carry less and less weight of the vehicle. This starts to put enormous stress on some of the other parts of a suspension system like the ball joints or control arms. If you notice your vehicle leaning to one side, or that one side of the car is showing excessive tire wear, it is likely that one or both of your springs need replaced.

Do not let a bad spring result in needing a complete suspension overall. Bring your vehicle in today for a visual inspection and for your spring height to be made measure. Our excellent service at Audi Calabasas will put that bounce back in your vehicle.

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