A Closer Look at the Audi Q3's Performance Features

Audi brings its quality performance and sleek good looks to the crossover SUV market, offering drivers a truly luxurious experience underpinned by the kind of utility features today's drivers require in the new Q3 crossover SUV.

Embracing the future is a hallmark of Audi engineering, and the Q3 is no exception. Drivers can choose between Auto, Dynamic or Comfort modes in the new Drive Select System. As the road changes, drivers can direct the car's response to straight stretches of highway or curving mountain roads. The result is a perfectly customized adaptation to the demands of the road with optimized steering and acceleration.

The Audi Q3 also integrates a six-speed transmission offering smooth acceleration as it shifts between gears. Reach a speed of 60 mph in around eight seconds with the 200-horsepower turbocharged engine. The 207 pound-feet of torque allows towing of up to 2,200 pounds, enough to bring along personal watercraft or ATVs for an afternoon of fun.

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